Bidvest Data Actnet starts SPRING SEASON 2016 off with a (very) colourful bang

Our Bidvest Data Actnet operations team went all out this year with a “Spring Break Ops-Style” themed celebration. This crazy, colourful event took us back to the days when we were still young and care free! Water wars started early in the morning with aqua-missiles a.k.a. water balloons, water guns, and buckets & buckets of ice-cold water to cool us down from the blazing sun.

When we were all sopping wet we re-decorated each other with bags (and more bags) of colourful powder paint to form a beautiful colourful mess, as shown in these photos. We had such a blast and are still finding trace bits of powder paint in our hair to remind us of our cool day.

Thank you to the ladies and gents in our Operations team, Mike, Marilie, Rolanda, Nicky, Vicki and Michael for making this a day to remember!

Janine Buckley, Bidvest Data Actnet