Bidvest Data never disappoints!

Moving over 250 tons of paper and printing 1 631 658 images in a matter of days is a massive task for any organisation and at the end of April, Bidvest Data was tasked by one of its biggest clients to do just that.

Bidvest Data enclosed 426 389 C4 mail packs, each mail pack containing a circular, summary booklet and personalised documentation to be sent to the shareholders, within only few days of receiving data.

An efficient team ensured that each mail pack, weighing over 600gms, was carefully enclosed and distributed to shareholders across the world, meeting the client’s brief and deadline to the letter.

“I have been working with your organisation every year since 1998 and once again I am completely delighted. The process from the initial briefing, through the delays and various issues as they arose, to the completion of the job, was handled smoothly and always professionally.

The team never put up barriers and are always open and honest about what is possible. I always feel I can trust the people who I deal with at Bidvest Data. If they say they can do something, I know it will get done. That is a very unique quality in the corporate world today.

Clearly the communication between team members is top-notch and the “can do” ethic runs in every staff member,” was the feedback received from a happy client.

Well done and thank you to all involved!