Plastic Cards are here to stay

Plastic cards continue to be an essential business tool used by retailers, financial institutions and telecoms companies. Although their use has been challenged by digital cards and APP equivalents, consumers are still comfortable with a physical card tucked into in their wallet.

Direct marketing, and specifically direct mail continue to serve as important customer engagement channels. The inclusion of a plastic retail or membership card improves the perceived value of a mailed item and engages prospective customers through its personalised nature. Customers respond favourably to the power of a personalised card sent to them via direct mail. Plastic cards are extremely versatile; from Retail, Membership and Loyalty cards to Access cards and Gift cards. Gift cards are still popular; a gift of choice presented as a tangible item.

Bidvest Data is South Africa's leading supplier of personalised plastic cards. We supply printed base cards manufactured from regular or recycled PVC. Our secure state-of-the-art personalisation facility provides embossing, thermal printing, indent printing and magnetic stripe encoding options. Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to the design of your card; make use of striking die-cut card shapes, various varnishing finishes, holograms and numerous security features.

In addition to plastic card printing we offer support services such as print production of card carriers and marketing material , document management, automated mailing, packaging, fulfilment and end-to-end card solutions.

Bidvest Data can help you to engage your customers with a convenient two-pronged card delivery approach; send a digital card via SV SMS for the customer to save to their mobile device whilst the plastic card equivalent follows in the post.