The Bidvest Data Vodacom Billing contract goes from strength to strength

For over a decade Bidvest Data has been adding value to Vodacom's customer Invoices and Statements (Bills) production with our specialist multi-channel offering. Here's what we do for Vodacom;

Print to Mail of Consumer Bills & Arrears letters, Emailing of Consumer Bills (PDF and Interactive HTML), printing of Corporate Bills including provision of softcopy version on DVD, Return Mail management and Archiving digital documents on a Repository Management System (RMS).

We are proud to announce that on 1 April 2015, the entire production volume of Vodacom's Billing, (previously shared between two service providers) was contracted to Bidvest Data.

Since then the full Vodacom Paper Billing production run takes place at our two sites in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Vodacom's Emailed Billing is facilitated by our third branch - specialist email and mobile Billing site based in Wanderers.

Bidvest Data and Vodacom continue to innovate new and enhanced ways to present customer billing information. Please visit this site again soon to find out more!